Hi everyone,

This week is my last official week on placement with Bottle Blonde as my deadline is today, although I shall still be working at Bottle Blonde for another 2 weeks before I leave. My entire industry year has been an eye opening experience. I’ve learnt so much about how the industry works, skills that I’ll be forever grateful for in my final year and built upon skills I’ve learnt throughout my first 2 years of university. Reflecting back over my year I personally feel I have grown as a person and a designer. I have more direction and determination in my life and I have more ideas about what I would like to do for my final major project. I have learnt how to work better in a team, how to present my ideas and final products better as well as developed how I design. 

During my final official week I have been designing more packaging for Bottle Blonde. My main focus for the week has been on how to develop our current packaging further to make it more instagramable which would increase our sales. The more extravagant and stunning we make our products and packaging the more people want to take photos for their Instagram the more sales we have. So I looked more at phrases we could easily cut out in vinyl and stick on to any of our current packaging. I focused on cute catchy phrases that reflect our customer basis which I have grown to understand more throughout my time at Bottle Blonde.

Overall even though I haven’t finished yet I have had an amazing enhancement year and would recommend doing one to anyone given the opportunity. If this unfortunately isn’t something offered to you as apart of your course you can always do summer internships and other holidays, as many companies offer shorter placements for holidays. Industry years help you solidify your knowledge, learn new skills, generally develop. I am more confident to go into my final year in September and hopefully I will come back with updates on my final major collection.