Hi everyone,

I’ve been back at BB HQ and catching up on everything that’s been going on the past 2 weeks. Whilst Chloe has been away the team who were in the office were very productive and got lots of orders sent out. At the beginning of the week I met with one of the other interns to talk about our shoe designs and look at each other’s work giving feedback. Looking at each other’s work and seeing the different approaches helped us both with developing our work further prior to showing it to Chloe for the final shoe choices. Peer feedback has always been incredibly helpful at uni to ensure the best sketchbooks and I have found out also useful in industry when working in small teams.

After our catch up the work for the week began and this week I have been dipping in and out of different areas getting to learn more about how products are made, designing web graphics and designing packaging. I began with learning more about how the iconic jackets and earrings are made. Chloe wants to reshoot the dolly earrings in all colours which involved us making new pairs in every colour. I had previously made keyrings with the team for an event so I had some mild knowledge of how they are made but this time I got to do more of the assembly rather than just folding tinsel in half. The earrings were assembled quite easily for my hands although I did nearly burn my hands a couple of times. Although my hands don’t function fully I loved getting to be a bit more hands on. Jewelry construction is something that has always been of interest to me and I feel these skills combined with our workshops from first year have potential to develop even if only for personal use.

Dolly earrings

I also began designing some new packaging for Bottle Blonde, not only am I designing shoe boxes but general clothing and accessories packaging and graphics to be put into the packages. Of course like any project I instantly started researching what exists, what could be innovative for us and what I need to achieve with said product. I chose to focus on shoe boxes first as that is the only product we intend to produce currently that we don’t have any packaging for. I researched into some recycled packing ideas with an aim to reduce the waste at BB. However as the final shoe choices haven’t been made yet once finishing my initial research I moved onto researching if our current packing could be adapted. As we do reworked vintage jackets, graphic tee’s and personalised bags, I chose to look into stick on features for our current packing to make it even more extra than it already is. In order to design them I took several photos of our packaging and then began to write and edit phrases straight onto the packing to give a more visual concept to show Chloe. This is only the beginning though and I shall be developing and researching more and more to create hopefully some sustainable quirky packaging.

BB Clothing packaging

Finally in my personal life this week as it was Mother’s day I went home for the day to see my family. We took mum out for a meal and generally tried to relieve her stress for a day. I have also began to look into places I wish to visit for inspiration towards my final year and planning these trips out with my boyfriend. As September draws ever closer I feel strongly that whatever I do I want to incorporate as much digital elements and my print skills as I possibly can.

Geometric architecture