Hi all,

This week was rather slow in terms of work with me spending the whole working week drawing the CAD’s or flat designs for the chosen approved designs. CAD’s are something I have a great amount of skills in but that doesn’t mean they take any less time to draw. I did however create a design pack of the chosen designs to be shown to a manufacturer and with some editing be put into production. I had never done a design pack before so I learnt how to assemble a pack. In the pack I had to include, the garments drawn on a figure in colour (although these don’t need to be the final choice colours), fabric suggestions which I struggled with not knowing much about gym wear however from some deep research I managed to make some good suggestions however the manufacturer will change it to a more precise fabric, flat designs and zoomed sections of the designs if there is any fine details. Creating this pack has made some great additions to my portfolio that I can use in my applications for jobs once I graduate. Below you can see examples of design pack pages that I have designed although these aren’t being carried forward into production.

Design pack page 1

Design pack page 2

Design pack page 3


A useful addition to my skills I learnt this week was how to create and fill your own mesh pattern on illustrator for flats. To create a mesh I learnt how to use new tools on illustrator that I haven’t previously used, this skill will be useful for my final year if I choose to make a collection as I struggle with hand movement. Understanding and being able to draw accurate flat designs will allow me to design a collection as I want it without having to struggle because of my hands, the CAD designs allow another person to look at my designs and construct the garment even without my presence with may be useful for my final year.

However this week I was also offered an amazing opportunity to go back to Bottle Blonde and work on their new items going into manufacture soon. I simply couldn’t turn down the offer so this week was my final working for Boodica. It’s been an intense 2 weeks creating a set of 6 items ready to be sent off for manufacturing however I’ve learnt somethings about the industry and I’m thrilled to be going back to bottle Blonde.

As I currently have more personal time I have started to think more about my plans for my final year, I have started to research places that inspire me and could be the base research of a beautiful collection. I feel strongly currently that I want to incorporate my own print designs into my collection however I need to think about what I wish to design my prints for whether it be women’s wear, men’s wear, kids wear, interior and furnishing or something else entirely.