Hi everyone,

Week 11, my final week in London at Amanda Kelly how time has flown by. Despite being the final week for interns before Christmas we were still reasonably busy. The designers decided to try a new ”shape” this week and made a jumpsuit, they were unsure about how to go about making trousers with all but one never having made any before. However in my first year I learnt how to make jean at university and as these are trousers that aren’t going to be worn they are much simpler to make. My sewing skills were very useful to the designers and reassured me that after so many weeks of not sewing I haven’t lost my skills.

We also got some more time to draw this week however not until close to he end which was not enough time for me to design anymore patterns so instead I decided to get in the festive mood by drawing some Christmas cards for my friends and family. Over the past 11 weeks my digital drawing skills have visibly improved and my ease of using a graphic’s tablet has increased. My time in London has been great and I’ve learnt so much that I know will be useful not only in my final year but other internships during the year and later my career. Below is a picture I drew for my godmother for Christmas using all the photoshop and drawing skills I have learnt over this internship and personally I believe it shows my skill increase already. I have also gotten to put my skills into practice creating my own repeat pattern for a gift for my godmother for Christmas.

Venice Drawing

As it was my final week I also moved back home again ready for Christmas, fortunately my lovely boyfriend came and picked me up and drove me home otherwise it would’ve been a struggle. For this year this is my final post, in the new year I start my next internship with a festival wear company and I’m excited to see what new skills I can learn there but for now, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!