This week’s post will be short as although we had an incredibly busy week I haven’t learnt any new skills. As there was a deadline for our freelancers there was work that needed styling coming in everyday. Seeing as we are now edging towards Christmas we are also seeing a few Christmasy prints coming in as well as requests for prints for their Christmas range. The few print searches I have assisted with I have noticed for their Christmas range they wanted more subtle not obviously Christmas, this seems to be a reoccurring trend according to the sales executives. As their general clients aim to sell to mass market and at different price ranges by designing subtly winter prints then it allows their clients to carry their garments through from Autumn or Winter into spring rather than being exclusively designed for the Christmas period.

One of the few things I have learnt and understood this week is how multi-directional patterns can confuse textiles designers however become useful to fashion designers. Multi-directional patterns are patterns where if it is say a conversational the small parts will be facing in several different directions. By using a multi-directional a fashion designer can use the fabric a lot more economically as it allows them to place their pattern pieces in a lot closer proximity. However when it comes to the textile world designing multi-directional patterns without a determined product it is for is rather confusing and complicated and can sometimes hinder sales. When looking at fabrics for my final year if purchasing or creating my own patterns this is definitely something I will have to keep in mind to reduce cost and waste. Below is an example of a multi directional pattern.

Giraffe Multi directional pattern

A skill I never thought I would use in my life is not one I have learnt at university or even during my GCSE’s but the basic Microsoft Excel mathematics functions when I was 13. I was asked to created a simple spreadsheet for the admin manager that simply totaled at the bottom, however from the age of 13 til now I have never had to use any of these skills in the slightest although I do fortunately remember how to do such functions. This made me consider the other general skills not specifically fashion based ones I have learnt throughout university so far and schooling that could be useful if I were ever to want to start my own business as well as keep a personal record if I were to do any freelancing work. Until you have to use them you don’t really know how many skills you have and I think this will become of use to be in my final year, although I haven’t learnt anything specific it is reminding me of the amount of skills I have and how they could be used to create something that really represents me in my final year.

Finally this weekend my mother came to visit as we decided to visit the meridian line at the Royal Greenwich observatory, Greenwich market, Brixton market, Brick lane market and Old Spitalfields market. Personally we weren’t fan’s of Greenwich market or Brixton market as Greenwich was a bit too upmarket arty for us and Brixton a standard market. However Brick lane market was quirky and had an incredibly wide variety of items on sale of which both me and mum found things we liked so a very good weekend to end a busy week.