Hi everyone,

This week has been rather busy with lots of work needing sewing up however despite that we have managed to get time to draw some of our own patterns this week. The designers at Amanda Kelly looked at some of our drawings and talked through with us how to arrange them into professional patterns which was very interesting and has helped me understand how to create a professional commercial pattern for future reference. Unfortunately I am unable to show you any of these patterns as otherwise the company will be unable to sell them, however here is an extra pattern I drew purely for my blog as I have been doing lots of animal prints this week I decided to draw some flamingos. I also practiced some of the skills I have learnt using this document however that is rather difficult to show you via my blog.


For the first time this week I got to experience a sales meeting however there was a catch, I had to go by myself. My sales meeting was with Hobbs at their head office, they were looking for a couple final patterns to add to a collection they already had. Although there were plenty of stunning prints to show them in the case I had been given to take with non suited the collection they wanted to add to. Once I returned back to the office I discussed with the designers what has been said in my meeting and they explained to me at the majority of sales meetings little to non tend to be sold. For example the previous week they had a meeting with ASOS where another intern accompanied as there were 2 cases of prints and embroideries to show them which is rather difficult to shift alone since they are large 4 wheel cases. In the ASOS meeting they sold 6 embroideries which according to the designers was a very good sale. It was interesting getting this experience as I gained an understanding of how working with the catwalk rather than the direct trends themselves impacted a business and their sales, although this is my personal opinion coming from a fashion degree and I cannot confirm they would make more sales if the designed to a different reference.

As I’m starting to near to the end of my time in London my spending on such as food is decreasing as I have a good amount of food remaining that I would prefer to have gone before I leave. This week I also discovered that when one tube line crashes so does 1/3 of London, with the Victoria line suffering several malfunctions several other lines and one whole station proceeded to crash also and I don’t believe I will ever see such chaos with a public transport malfunction outside of London. 

Finally this week in my personal life I was very lucky to have another visit from my boyfriend and we went to Winter wonderland in Hyde park. There are several attractions you can pre-book to see as well as lots of small rides, prize games, Christmas market stalls and of course food stalls. We chose to book to go into ”The Magical Ice Kingdom, The secret forest” which was simply amazing, the creatures and sculptures they made from ice and snow were beautiful and I would highly recommend going and seeing them if they get the opportunity. As well as this there is attractions such as ”The Ice Bar”, Ice skating, Peter Pan theater show, Circus and more. Winter wonderland goes on until the 6th of January so if you get the opportunity I would recommend going.